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Dr Euan MacDonald

Euan MacDonald graduated with LLB and LLM degrees from the University of Edinburgh, before going on to receive his PhD from the European University Institute in Florence in 2006. He then worked for two years as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for International Law and Justice at New York University, on the Global Administrative Law project, before moving to the University of Sydney where he taught international law and legal theory. He returned to Edinburgh as a Lecturer in Jurisprudence in January 2012. His current research interests focus on the theory of international law and global governance. He is also Co-Director of the Centre for Law and Society. 

Professor Sharon Cowan

Sharon Cowan is Professor of Feminist and Queer Legal Studies and Director of Research at Edinburgh Law School

Her research interests include: Gender, Sexuality and the Law; Feminist Legal Theory; Criminal Law; Criminal Justice; Law and Film. She is working on a book project on a feminist analysis of consent in the criminal law; and a research project looking at women asylum applicants whose claims involve an alleged rape.

Dr Alistair Henry

Alistair Henry is Lecturer in Criminology. He is currently researching community policing and community safety partnerships in Scotland. His research interests also include: theoretical criminology, police and policing, and the sociology of criminal justice institutions and agencies.

Professor Neil Walker

Neil Walker holds the Regius Chair of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations at the University of Edinburgh.

His main area of expertise is constitutional theory. He has published widely on the constitutional dimension of legal order at sub-state, state, supranational and international levels. He has also published at length on the relationship between security, legal order and political community. He maintains a more general interest in broader questions of legal theory as well as in various substantive dimensions of UK and EU public law.



Professor Richard Sparks

Richard Sparks is Professor of Criminology and Head of Edinburgh Law School.

His main research interests lie in the sociology of punishment (especially imprisonment); penal politics; and public responses to crime and punishment.





Professor Zenon Bankowski

Zenon Bankowski is Professor Emeritus of Legal Theory.

His work includes considering Social and Legal Theory within an ethical and theological context, as well as Foundations of Legal Reasoning.




Professor Anne Griffiths

Anne Griffiths is Professor of Anthropology of Law.

Her research focuses on anthropology of law, comparative and family law, African law, gender, culture and rights.




Professor Burkhard Schafer

Burkhard Schafer is Professor of Computational Legal Theory.

His main field of interest is the interaction between law, science and computer technology, especially computer linguistics.



Professor Susan McVie OBE

Susan McVie is Professor of Quantitative Criminology. She is co-director of the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime; network leader for the CJ-Quest network of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research; and Director of the Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN) in Scotland. Susan's research interests lie predominantly in the fields of youth crime and justice; violence and homicide; gangs and knife crime; and developmental and life course criminology. She is particularly interested in quantitative methodologies, including forms of longitudinal data analysis, quasi-experimental models and multi-level modelling.


Dr Claudio Michelon

Claudio Michelon is Senior Lecturer in Law.

His research interests include the interfaces between legal reasoning and general practical reason and the philosophy of private law.




Dr Cormac Mac Amhlaigh is Lecturer in Public Law.
His research interests lie in the general area of public law including constitutional and human rights law and the challenges and opportunities for the nature and ideals of public law from globalization and post-national legal regimes.

Professor Stephen Tierney is Professor of Constitutional Theory.
His teaching and research interests are in the areas of public law and international law.

Dr Richard Jones is Lecturer in Criminology.
His research interests are in the areas of theoretical criminology, social control, surveillance and security, cybercrime, and penal populism.

Professor Lesley McAra is Professor of Penology.
Her main research interests lie in the general areas of the sociology of punishment and the sociology of law and deviance.

Dr Anna Souhami is Lecturer in Criminology.
Her main research interests are in the sociology of criminal justice policy and practice, in particular in relation to questions of organisation, culture and identity. She has a particular interest in ethnographic methodologies and has conducted ethnographic work in the fields of both youth justice and policing.

Professor Gerry Maher is Professor of Criminal Law. His main research interests are criminal law and criminal process, international private law, legal process, and debt and diligence.

Dr Andy Aitchison is Lecturer in Criminology.
His primary research interests include criminal justice reforms in post-authoritarian and post-conflict societies, with a particular focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina; the role of international agencies in agenda setting; and criminal justice policy more generally. More recently, he has started working on the role of criminal justice agencies in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

Dr Lynne Copson is Early Career Development Fellow.
Her research interests include: zemiology; concepts of harm, crime and justice; and utopian theory and method.

Professor Sir Neil MacCormick
Our great friend and colleague, and one of the founding members of the Centre, Professor Sir Neil MacCormick, died in April 2009. A tribute to Neil can be found on the Edinburgh Law School website, here.

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