Section: Seminar Series

Tocqueville's Paradox: Penal Controls in Liberal America - David Garland (New York University)

Centre for Law and Society
Date and Time
18th Jan 2018 16:15 18th Jan 2018 18:00
LG.08, David Hume Tower
David Garland: "Tocqueville's Paradox: Penal controls in liberal America" 

Abstract: This paper aims (i) to reconnect America's extraordinary use of penal power with that nation's distinctive rates of violence and the underlying forms of social disorganization that produce them; (ii) to highlight the role played by processes of informal social control in linking political economy with patterns of crime and punishment; and (iii) to explain how limits of state capacity constrain government responses to these problems in the US. The focus throughout is on the role that penal controls have come to play in the wider matrix of social and state controls that characterize American society.

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